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 Businessman solution conceptTo capture the largest return on new technologies, systems and operations, leaders must utilize proven and repeated processes for managing IT asset inventories, technology deployments and end-user support functions. They also must ensure they have the most qualified and reliable professionals in place,Availability of all mission critical and business critical applications is utmost important for any business. Constant monitoring and Performance Management of these Applications is taken as highest priority at any time.

IT Infrastructure Team manages

The availability, response time, health and performance of an application. Apart from that, aiding end users with enquiries, configuration support requests and underlying IT Infrastructure configuration settings also fall under the purview of an application support team.
We provide service for Technical Infrastructure Design and Management for various organizations which need support for workstation to enterprise servers. Our technical team can help with our strong reputation for being able to Design, support, deliver, install and configure for entry level to high-end networks, Databases, Security and Data Centre Designs etc.

We offer a range of services and specialize in the design and implementation of storage solutions that integrate with existing infrastructures to meet existing and future storage requirements. Our customers can choose from a wide range of solutions provided by us, which make it easy to manage the growth of their requirements..


Server Management Services

150-iconDelkosoft Server Management Services are designed to address an enterprise’s entire server platform needs from design, deployment and migration to optimization. Our services ensure better server utilization rates, improved system availability and increase performance.
When it comes to Server Management, we follow a “People-Process-Performance” philosophy. The expertise, experience and exposure of our engineers add on to the service offering. Processes are defined to ensure that the servers undergo a routine check-up on performance bottleneck, resource thresholds & availability, configuration constraints, hardware limitations and various other aspects to assure best possible performance. Performance Tool forms an important part of our service and we have evaluated, tested and deployed various server monitoring tools, specific to the business requirement and commercial confines.
Delkosoft is also continuously focused on building comprehensive server capacity management services by evaluating latest hardware available and the applications suitability with respect to server capacity and infrastructure.

The core functions around Server Management are:

  • Increase Server uptime and enhance security
  • Administering and tuning of server parameters and o/s
  • Capacity Planning for Server, Installation of o/s upgrades
  • Reloading of o/s and performance tuning
  • Perform user account administration as per site requirements.
  • Security Management using security features of OS.
  • Periodic change of passwords on servers & workstations.
  • Monitoring of CPU, Memory & disk space utilization, on exceeding the thresh hold limit,intimating the customers for further action.
  • System performance tuning and purging the files on server on day to day basis.
  • Periodic updation of latest Service packs and patches.
  • Reports maintained: Server uptime report & Server activity monitoring chart.

Remote Storage Management Services

150-2iconStorage is a crucial part of IT infrastructure and companies need to build a strong environment that is both reliable and cost effective. The challenge is not only selecting a storage technology to deploy from a bewildering number of products,infrastructure and maximize asset utilization, getting the best return from both new and existing investments.
At Delkosoft we evaluate all the above components and help the clients in providing a comprehensive suite of remote storage management services, ensuring an enterprise’s businesses run efficiently while you are confident that your data is safeguarded and secure. We can recommend data storage solutions that help create a strategy to addresses the challenges you face and optimize the existing infrastructure resulting in the easy reuse of data.
Delkosoft’s Remote Storage Management Services will help extract the best out of your data storage infrastructure by aligning capacities and performance demands with important business continuity parameters like availability and compliance in a cost-effective manner.

The core functions around Storage Management are:

  • Storage system monitoring, management and solutions
  • Performance management and Solutions for SAN/NAS Design and implementation
  • OS level/application level patch management & routine administration
  • Solutions for data protection
  • Data management and Storage technology
  • Server back-up management (Windows based or Vendor & 3rd party back-up software)
  • Server consolidation, upgrades and migration services
  • Regular system audits and capacity management,Database Management

Maintaining and managing data is a tedious task for any organization in today’s context. In this era of stiff competition, organizations need to ensure that their databases are up round the clock and are scalable to handle unforeseen loads.
Delkosoft Database Management Services ensure 24*7 availability and performance of your business critical databases. Our experts continuously monitor, manage and ensure optimal performance of the database environment and function as an extended arm of your organization. Our clients also benefit from higher efficiency and lowered cost of database management.
Delkosoft has years of experience in managing complex data base deployments . With inherent ability to manage IT Infrastructure covering servers and networks, each database incident, event and alarm is thoroughly checked against the performance issues in all other connected IT Infrastructure elements. Our competency provides a single stop solution for our clients who want to analyze the database in totality along with all other IT Infrastructure elements.
The core functions around Database Management include:
• 24/7 Database monitoring and support
• Remote database administration and support services
• Database performance tuning
• HA – RAC and dataguard support services
• Database migration services
• Backup and recovery services
• Application Backup and Recovery
Providing uninterrupted IT Infrastructure consulting services and support to ensure business continuity.

We utilize innovative tools, automated analysis to give customers insight into what is driving IT complexity. We can deliver a set of practical executable plans for simplifying IT infrastructure, helping reduce operating costs while freeing up resources for new business initiatives.

We manage the transition from today’s unstructured scenario to tomorrow’s streamlined environment by applying proven practices and methodologies and an enterprise management approach. Our solution simplifies infrastructure management by proactive management and monitoring system performance and availability across the entire environment, enabling resolving issues and preventing problems before they impact the end user’s experience. Moving in step with the swift pace of technology and business, We provides end to end IT Infrastructure Management services in the areas like Remote Infrastructure Management, Infrastructure Consulting, System Integration, Network Operating Centers, Data center Management, Virtualization. Our engineers have an extensive portfolio of technical skills spanning multiple products, technologies, vendors and platforms.
The core functions around Infrastructure Consulting include:
• Hardware and System integration
• Data replication and Business continuity solutions
• Network integration with storage
• Platform integration with storage
• Remote infrastructure leasing

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